Saturday, March 18, 2017

Daddy's Birthday

As if February wasn't filled with enough birthday fun, Adam's birthday comes at the beginning of March.  Although Adam didn't want any big celebration, we couldn't let his birthday go by unnoticed!  We enjoyed a nice breakfast with our parents and then came home to give Daddy his favorite birthday treat: a fruit tart!  I think all my boys enjoyed the fruit tart as the ENTIRE thing was gone in less than three days! :P

A rare family photo
My boys

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Some fun videos

Aldo's been 'talking' up a storm lately.  He's so much more vocal than Eliel was at this age.  He says a bunch of words and knows even more in sign language.  Here's a little excerpt of his cute voice talking!

I'm sure there will be many more with this kid as he loves to communicate!

With the warm weather lately, we've been able to take the boys to the park much sooner than usual in our area.  It's been a blast and Aldo was able to go on some playground equipment for the first time since he learned to walk.  He loves the slide!

Finally, Aldo LOVES to play with anything and everything in Eliel's room.  Sometimes I wonder why we have baby toys anymore.  One of his favorite things to do is play with Eliel's light sabers.  He must watch E and Daddy play a lot because he knows exactly what to do with them!

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Aldo loves Daddy.... but only sometimes

Aldo loves when Daddy comes home from work.  It doesn't matter whether it's for lunch or dinner. He usually goes nuts and repeatedly says his name until Adam goes to say hi to him.  It's quite cute to watch!

Heaven forbid Adam picks Aldo up though.  Then he begins crying and screaming.  He likes the idea of Daddy but doesn't want to be too close! :P

Friday, March 3, 2017

Aldo weighs in

Even though Aldo's birthday was a few weeks ago, we had yet to go to the pediatrician for his one year appointment.  I made the boys' appointments together since Eliel needed one too and we had to wait until after Eliel turned four.  After weighing in, Aldo is exactly ten pounds lighter than Eliel at 21.5 pounds which is the 56th percentile for his age group.  He is 30 inches tall which is the 47th percentile.  So, as he's basically been since birth, he's pretty much perfectly normal!  Aldo received only two shots, even though they wanted to give him four.  He had a slight fever reaction to that many when they gave them a few months ago so I'd rather let his little body have only one or two at a time.  He'll get the other two at his 15 month appointment.  Other than the shots, he's healthy too.  He still spits up once in awhile, especially when he drinks a ton of water but the doctor seemed to think he was past all of that now.  He's walking like a champ and loves getting into everything around the house.  With the recent warm weather, it was fun to see him discover all the outside things he can do too.  Once it stays warm, the boys are going to have a blast outside together!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Whew!  It's been a whirlwind of a month with two birthdays! The weekend after Aldo's party, we celebrated Eliel's birthday with family.  Of course, Eliel chose a space themed birthday party and we even had a special guest, 'Teddy' (see above), from preschool.  Plus all his grandparents came and even Auntie Katie, Uncle Brian and cousin Jacob were able to make it.  It was also unbelievably warm (almost 70 degrees) so we even got to play outside with some of Eliel's new toys which included a big wheel and plastic bat.  Eliel was so excited that everyone came to his birthday party, especially after Aldo had such a big day.  He looks like such a big boy, sometimes it's hard to believe that I have a four year old.
On his actual birthday, Eliel attended preschool and brought a special snack of orange fruit cups for all of his friends.  Then, Daddy surprised him by picking him up from school and bringing him to one of his favorite restaurants in town that serves sushi.  Eliel absolutely loves California rolls and will eat as much or more than I can.  At the restaurant, Mommy and Aldo were waiting for him along with Grandma Diane and Papa Paul.  He was very surprised and was talking a mile a minute until he stated stuffing his face with sushi rolls.  That night, Eliel celebrated again with a dinner of mac and cheese and birthday presents.  Aldo gave him some more space stuff like clothes and an astronaut puzzle while Mommy and Daddy got him a fort building set.  We currently have an igloo built in his room using the fort building blocks!
The following day, Eliel was treated to an 'E' day with Papa Dave and Gram Joann.  They took him to a space museum and out to lunch at Pilot Pete's.  After all the celebrating, E was exhausted!  It took him a few days to recover.  :)

After all the festivities were over, it was time to see the doctor for our annual check up.  Eliel weighed in at 31.5 pounds which is the 13th percentile for his age and 39.5 inches tall which is the 33rd percentile.  He's perfectly healthy and growing just as he should. He needed to get one vaccine and while he was fine just before the shot, he melted down for a while afterwards.  It's hard to be too mad at him though because when I was a kid, I was deathly afraid of shots as well.  An extra piece of birthday cake and a construction movie on Netflix seemed to make it feel better though.

Can't believe this little guy is 4 already!  So  many fun things are in store for him this year!