Sunday, December 4, 2016

Meeting Santa

This weekend we had breakfast with Santa at Eliel's preschool.  We went last year and this year was even better.  Eliel loved being able to show us his school and even commented while we were eating that 'this place is awesome!'  Aldo of course ate more than Eliel did and enjoyed people watching while the rest of us finished our breakfast.

 Before meeting Santa, Eliel laid down the rules.  He was not going to sit on his lap, he would stand next to him.  When it was his turn, he walked right up to Santa, told him he wanted a new marble game with a tipper (a wooden marble run like the one he has with 'new' pieces).  When Santa asked if he was good, he was very honest.  He said that he was mostly good but that's it's hard to be good all the time but he was trying.  Haha!  He's so brutally honest sometimes!
We waited to put Aldo on Santa's lap because we figured he's start crying right away and wanted to get a nice picture of Santa and Eliel.  To our surprise though, Aldous didn't cry!  Go figure!  He was quite intrigued though and I kept waiting for him to pull Santa's beard off or something.  I know he was thinking about it. :)
After Santa, I took Aldo home for a nap but Eliel stayed for awhile with Daddy and did a bunch of crafts.  I think he loved the extra attention because he was quite excited when he finally came home.  All in all, Aldo's first Santa experience was a success and hopefully Eliel continues to be a good boy and gets what he is wishing for!


Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Aldo's first Thanksgiving was awesome!  The kid ate like there was no tomorrow.  Even Grandma Diane was surprised at how much he was able to stuff into his little tummy.  Eliel even tried and ate some turkey (which is unusual for him because he doesn't typically eat meat!)
Let the Stuffing Begin!

 The boys' cousin Jacob was there too which made it even more fun.  He and Aldo are only 4 months apart so it's always fun to see them size each other up.  Aldo is always a little behind what Jacob can do and you can tell he's always frustrated by it.  Eliel was just happy to have the attention of so many people so he didn't really care to play with the 'babies'.  I'm sure he'll change his tune one day when they gang up on him!

As I always say, we're so blessed that our families get along so well and celebrate holidays together.  Not only does it make it easier for us, but makes the holidays that much more enjoyable!  Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving themselves!

Sunday, November 27, 2016


Eliel had never been bowling before so when Daddy had an extra day off he needed to take before the end of the year, we decided it was a good activity to try.  Granted Aldo could not participate but he also had a ball watching all the action.  We went to a small local lane nearby and were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness of the alley!

Instead of bumper bowling, we chose to have Eliel use the 'ramp' which allows him to aim the ball better.  It was a huge hit with him although he seemed to like the ball return better than anything.  He seemed to be surprised every time the ball came back.  It was too funny.

Eliel really enjoyed watching the ball knock down all the pins and had to know the number that fell over each time.  He also liked looking at the score each time and eventually learned how to read the score after he had bowled.  He played two whole games and probably would have kept going if we let him!

Towards the end, we let him try bowling by just pushing the ball.  He had a really cute little arm throw he'd do after rolling the ball but ultimately, he enjoyed the ramp more because the ball rolled hard enough to actually knock some pins over.

Eliel has already asked when we can go bowling again so I'd say it was a success!

**Sorry the last video of the boys in the bathtub was not able to be viewed.  It's fixed now so you should definitely go and see it to hear the giggles!   Boys in the Bath **

Monday, November 21, 2016

Boys in the Bath

Up until now, both boys had taken showers and baths separately.  We had some extra time to kill so we decided to try and get them cleaned up at the same time.  They both thought it was hilarious! (Caution contains a naked baby and toddler!)

Eliel loves being the center of attention so when Aldous laughs at him, he will continue to perform.  This resulted in a very wet bathroom but was worth it to hear their giggles!  We definitely won't be letting them bathe together often as it takes up a lot of the evening but it will be great to let them play when we don't have much else to do!