Potty Time... Excellent

Sorry about the Wayne's World title there... but I couldn't resist.

As the title suggests we have officially begun potty training.  I know that E is not even two and I'm sure some of you think I'm absolutely crazy for doing so.  However, remember that post a year or so ago about cloth diapers and how kids in them can potty train faster?   Well, they're working.  Around Thanksgiving time or so, Eliel began to tell us when he had messed his diaper.  He was not very happy to sit in one when he had done so.  With all the craziness of the holidays, I figured it wasn't a very good time to try and potty train our little guy so once the holiday were over, we gave it a try.

We started with a naked day.  Basically, Eliel ran around naked and as soon as I would notice that he was about to or starting to go, I would rush him to the potty.  That worked quite well and after only a few hours, he was able to tell me when he needed to go.  That was about two weeks ago.  Progressively, Eliel has been getting better at telling us before he needs to go potty.  Once in a while, he has a little accident but usually it's followed by an 'oh no Momma' which lets me know it was an actual accident. 

Our biggest surprise though came earlier this week.  Eliel woke up dry after sleeping all night (thirteen hours nonetheless)!  I was truly amazed myself as I expected that although we might be able to potty train during the day, it would be quite a while before we were able to during naps or at night.  Ever since that night, he has woken up dry every morning and had been dry through almost all of his naps for the entire week.  I am truly amazed at how this little guy is learning!

Most of the time, Eliel is able to go potty for the whole day at home without having an accident.  It is a whole different story, though, when we are out.  He is used to going on his potty chair and so the big toilets are somewhat scary (totally understandable!)  However, we are learning this as well!  Wednesday, he went potty at the library and today, he went potty twice at GG's house!  I know it doesn't sound like a big deal, but it truly is!

Now, we just have to work on going #2 on the potty.  Eliel has a tendency to 'hold it' for days rather than go on the potty.  We're not exactly sure why but hopefully we will remedy this soon!  But for now, I'm enjoying the fact that I have less laundry to do as well as a smiley little boy!