5 months old

Aldo is getting so big and so much fun to be around!  He is a very smiley baby and loves to laugh and giggle at just about anything.   He is so in love with Eliel and watches everything he does.  I can lay him in front of Eliel while he is playing and Aldo will watch him for 20-30 minutes sometimes.  As long as Eliel is making noises and moving his toys around, Aldo is happy.
Aldo now weighs a whopping 16 pounds, 6 ounces which puts him at the 48th percentile.  That's quite a jump from last month at the 30th percentile!  It wasn't surprising though because this boy always seems to be hungry.  He also grew and inch and a half in only a month and is now 26.5 inches which is the 78th percentile.  He's definitely taking after Daddy there!
All in all, Aldo is a healthy boy.  We did find out though (somewhat by accident) that he does have a milk protein intolerance.  What that means is that he can't handle milk proteins in the milk he drinks.  Since he nurses, that means I can't have any dairy.  It's not too hard for me but I will miss pizza!  Hopefully (and likely) he will grow out of it soon but it may be a few months.  We found out by giving him some formula recently in the hope of keeping him fuller, longer.  The following day, he broke out in a rash on his back and since I hadn't eaten anything different, it was the final piece of the puzzle in figuring out why he spits up so much and so often.  Unfortunately now, that means he cannot have formula though unless we buy the special milk-free one.  So here's hoping he outgrows it fast!
Aldo also got the green light to start eating solid foods.  Hopefully now he'll finally be full! :)  This is going to be such a fun month for him!  Can't wait to see all that's in store!