7 weeks and counting!

So we are now officially 7 weeks along and apparently the baby is the size of a blueberry!  It's a great thing they keep comparing the baby to different types of food because we all know that Adam gets excited about food.  He was especially excited about a blueberry. :)
One more week until we see the doctor.  I think Adam is more excited about it than I am.  Of course, he's not the one that will be poked and prodded either....

Here are two recent pictures.  One from four weeks and one from six weeks.  I know they don't look different now but hopefully they will once the baby starts to show.  I've been told it might not be too far away.  Since I'm on the tinier side, it will be much harder to hide the fact that I'm pregnant.  Besides, I have a feeling that once our immediate family knows, everyone will know.  (No FACEBOOK PLEASE!)