We're Pregnant!

Well, the moment everyone has been bugging us about has finally happened!  Adam and I are expecting a baby in late February or early March next year! :)  This hasn't yet been confirmed by a doctor yet which is why no one else knows.  Unfortunately, no one will know for at least another month because the majority of our family will be traveling in and out of the country for the next few weeks and we want them all to find out at the same time.  So, there will be quite a bit of secret keeping on our part for at least the next month if not longer.

I decided to start this blog because many of our family members do not live close to us and will likely want to be kept up to date on the baby.  So, in lieu of posting all of this on Facebook, I decided a blog would be much better and a little more private.  So, expect to find belly pictures, (sorry Dad!) sonograms and photos of the soon to be nursery.  My hope is that those of you who live far away will feel closer to us as we embark on this amazing journey together!