11 weeks, a trip across the world and letting our parents in on the secret

Well it's been an eventful couple of weeks since my last post.  We went to Germany to visit some family and to go to Berlin to see some 'architectural marvels' Adam has been dying to see.  In addition to 4 days in Berlin and 6 days in a small town near Mannheim, Germany, we also got stuck in New York City trying to get a flight back home.  It wasn't great but could have been worse as we very well could have been stuck in Frankfurt, Germany, instead.  Plus, we got a surprise visit from one of Adam's friends that lives in New York so that made the evening a little more bearable.  To top it off, when we got home, we found out that our refrigerator had leaked and we had a wet mess leaking through to the basement.  Who says life is boring?!? :)

As for the baby, it is currently the size of a fig.  Needless to say Adam is calling it his Fig Newton! He was also very excited throughout Germany as he would tell me that the baby was visiting all of these places with us.  Adam was elated when he realized his child has now been to the Bauhaus (an architect's dream!)

We were very excited to come home from our trip because it meant that we could finally spill the beans to our parents.  We had wanted to tell them all earlier but as I said before, everyone else was on their own vacations too.  We decided to have them over to 'share' pictures the evening after we got back.  We made a short slide show of some of our favorite pics from the trip and included the sonogram picture as the last one.  When it got to it, they all just stared and got real quiet.  Then Katie, my sister (who incidentally got engaged while we were gone) screamed "Are you pregnant?" That set off a bunch of crying, screaming, cheering etc.  I thought Nugget, my dog, was going to have a heart attack since everyone was so full of emotions.  It was truly a great way to surprise them!  I found out later on that none of the soon-to-be grandparents could sleep that night so I felt kind of bad we surprised them so.  But, it was fun!  And now, more people now so we don't have to keep the secret as tight-lipped.  We're going to wait until next Friday at my 12 week appointment until we begin telling the rest of the family and friends.  I can't wait!!!!!

You probably can't notice but I am starting to show 'slightly'.  Even though it doesn't look like much, my pants are starting to get snug... YIKES!