16 weeks and the second trimester

Well,  we are officially over one-third of the way to the baby being born.  I can't believe how fast it's going!  We recently went to the doctor and got to hear the baby's heart again.  145 bpm which was slower than the 179 bmp the first time we heard the little one.  The doctor said everything was perfectly fine.  I'm gaining the correct amount of weight (although everyone who's not a doctor has a different opinion!) and the baby sounded and measured just fine.  We get to go back again in four weeks and get another sonogram! I think that's the most exciting part!
We actually ordered the nursery furniture in the last week and are anxiously waiting it's arrival.  We've also picked out some artwork for the walls but are waiting to put them up until the furniture arrives.Our next task is to find a nice plush area rug for the nursery and of course with our choice of decor, this won't be as simple as running to Bed, Bath and Beyond.  Oh well, I'm up for the challenge!
I also think it might be time to start registering at some baby stores but to be honest, the task is overwhelming.  Do people actually use all of this stuff?  We have a decent sized house but I can't imagine putting all of it into a small apartment or condo.  Yikes!  Our goal is get what we need without all the extra unnecessary stuff.  If the baby won't use it for more than a couple of weeks, then I'm sure we can get by without it.  The one thing I'm excited to get is a baby carrier.  It seems so much easier to carry the baby than always have to put it in the stroller or its car seat carrier.  I'm going to make sure it's one Adam can use too so I don't always have to be the one carrying the baby!

Now, onto pictures!

And for those of you who think I haven't gained any weight, here is a picture from my point of view.  I swear I could see my feet much easier a few weeks ago.....

16 weeks- View from above