Nursery- or the start of it

We began the nursery in July and luckily since it's upstairs, no one knew or it might have given away the surprise.  Since we're not going to find out the gender of the baby before it's born, we decided to go with a khaki green color.  You can't really tell in the picture, but there are two different colors on the walls.  They are only one shade off but the window wall is a touch more green that the rest of the room.  We toyed with installing a chair rail to create more interest in the room but with the odd shape and the slanted cape cod ceilings, we figured that we had enough going on already.  So, here is what the room looked like in June after Adam and his dad fixed the ceiling:

Although the room was already green, we both felt like the color was a bit too 'happy baby'.  We didn't want the color to keep the baby from sleeping nor did we want to continue decorating the room in pastel colors.  The rest of the house is decorated in muted colors and we wanted to stick with that palette.  So, one day during summer I decided to prime the room myself. I was pretty proud at how well I did all by myself!

Then, after about 20 color choices, we finally ended up with the khaki green below.  My hope is to decorate in a storybook theme and I will be framing some of our favorite story book covers from when we were kids.  We'll be ordering furniture shortly and then I can wait to start really decorating!