18 weeks and a great find

So this post is a little late as I'm already 19 weeks along but better late than never!

I still haven't felt the baby kick yet but I've definitely felt it moving, especially when I am laying down or sitting still.  I'm obviously getting a little bump and everyone at school says it's about time.  Maybe so but I've been enjoying wearing my clothes with only a few modifications!  I think that's about to change though because almost every day this week I went to put on a pair of pants for work and I couldn't button them.  Oops!  I think it's about time I invest in some maternity pants.

About two weeks ago, my principal's wife was having a garage sale with all other their baby clothes and things.  (Their daughter just turned 5).  So I decided to run over there to see what I could grab.  They are super nice people and I'd rather get garage sale stuff from them rather than someone I don't know.  I was able to get a bathtub, a boppy and a baby carrier!  I'm thrilled!  I was also able to snag a few maternity clothes as well for dirt cheap.  Then, last week, my principal comes in my room with another HUGE bag of things.  These weren't things that didn't sell at the garage sale, but just more 'baby stuff' as he put it that his wife found while cleaning up.  So, we received a baby monitor, brand-new in the package pacifiers, unopened bottle of baby shampoo, soap and lotion, and more maternity clothes!  I am so thankful to work with such kind individuals!

Finally, after looking at Babies 'R Us for high chairs, Adam and I were none too pleased with the selection.  All of them look like something that belongs in a space ship or something.  Definitely not something we want in our house.  So, we took to Craigslist and found a gorgeous wood high chair for sale a few blocks from where I work.  Isn't it lovely?

All we have to get now is a high chair pad for it which I already found on Amazon (of course!)  This will look so cute in our dining room and we won't be afraid that it will take the baby to the moon someday. :P

Here's what I looked like last week at 18 weeks.  We get to have our third and final sonogram on Monday for our 20 week appointment.  I'll be halfway done with the pregnancy at that point.  Can time slow down a little bit, please?