20 week sonogram

Adam and I were thrilled to be going to our sonogram appointment on Monday.  (At least I know I was and I think he was!)  This would be the sonogram where you find out the gender of the baby but as most of you know, we have chosen to wait to find out until the baby is born. 
In all honestly, even if we wanted to find out, I don't think the sonographer would have been able to tell us!  Baby Thoma decided s/he was perfectly comfortable face down in the corner of my pelvis.  Therefore, this is the first picture we saw on the sonogram:

Lovely isn't s/he?  What you're actually looking at is the baby facing to the right in the picture curled up in the fetal position, and it's long, health spinal cord.  The baby has its face to the floor as if it was sky diving.  No matter how much the sonographer poked it or pushed it to make it move, it wasn't going anywhere.  Too comfortable I guess.
  Here you can see its little legs on the left hand side of the picture.  Again s/he is laying face down, head to the right.  It's little heartbeat was still at 150 bpm which is very healthy. All of the organs that were able to be seen look healthy too.  The only thing the sonographer couldn't see well was the heart.  Good news about that is that I get to have another sonogram in 4 weeks to see it better! Yay!  Some friends at work suggested I drink some fruit juice before hand which will get the baby moving more.  I'm also going for an afternoon appointment instead of a morning appointment so hopefully the baby will be up and moving some more.  Although it's a bit disappointing, as long as s/he is healthy, I don't care what the sonogram looks like!

The best part of the appointment was this:
A little footprint!!!  How precious!

And here's me with what Adam calls my big fat tummy:
Just wait babe... you ain't seen nothing yet in terms of big fat tummies! :)