Nursery Decorations

Adam and I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of the nursery furniture.  Especially since our destroyed kitchen is still 3-4 weeks from being fixed.  We had heard it was supposed to be in this week but sadly, we have yet to hear from the furniture store that it has arrived.
So, Adam and I have set to work on a few of the decorative aspects of the nursery.  Particularly, picking out the storybooks we wanted to showcase.  Here are a few we've come up with so far:

Framed Storybook Covers
Obviously we want to wait to hang them until we have furniture in the correct spaces but at least they're waiting and ready to go! 

We've also received two 'gifts' from each side of the family that will be incorporated into the nursery as well.  We've got the gingham curtains hanging on the windows and will be adding two yellow gingham quilts to the decor.  One was made by Adam's grandma:
And the other was given to my mom from her co-workers when she found out she was pregnant with me:

Here's the crazy part:  the yellow gingham fabric is the EXACT same.  I kid you not!  Adam and I were flabbergasted when we finally got the two quilts together.  Although the picture may not show it, the fabrics are identical.

Just another reason why all of this was truly meant to be!