28 weeks

It's December already?  When did that happen? And can you believe this weather?  70 degrees in December?  Maybe my dad is right and we should all prepare for the end of the world on December 21st.  :(

So I am officially 28 weeks and that means that I am in my third and final trimester.  This is going by WAY too fast!  I'm sure at some point I will be wishing it was all over but for now, since I don't really have many complaints about pregnancy I am really enjoying it.  I can definitely see how some women 'love' being pregnant.  I wouldn't say I love it but it's way more enjoyable that I anticipated. 

The baby continues it's quest to kick and/or punch me in every known part of my insides.  There are a few times it's hard not to wince.    The best is when Adam feels it.  Last night he rolled over, proceeded to put his arm around my tummy because he was cold and the baby gave him a nice jab as if to say 'hey hands off, she's mine!'  Needless to say he quickly rolled back over.  He thinks the whole kicking thing is just gross.  I didn't think many things could gross him out, but I guess I did find one... my belly!

We're looking forward to spending the next few weekends with friends and family to celebrate the holidays.  Then, it's time to really get the nursery ready for the baby!  I can't wait!!!!