36 weeks and a baby bump progression

So, I thought everyone always says that being pregnant is a nine month commitment.  Well, I'm nine months and still have another month to wait!  The whole nine month pregnancy thing is just like when people say teachers only teach nine months a year.  It's totally bogus!  I am definitely ready to meet our little one but I am perfectly fine for s/he to stay cooking a few weeks longer.  I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow so perhaps she will be able to shed some light on when this little one will make a grand entrance.

Adam finally got his wish... I'm huge! :)

And I know I said I was going to start taking pictures every week from now on.  And I promise I will starting from week 36 until the baby comes.  I'm anxious to see if you'll be able to see in the pictures when the baby 'drops'.  I'm also waiting for that moment so I can eat more and breathe easier.  Whew!  Who knew it was a workout to climb the stairs in my house.....

Another thing I plan to do is give you a walk-through of the nursery this weekend.  It's just about set and looks adorable.  If the baby doesn't like it, I'll sleep in there.  I know Nugget would give anything to sleep on the shag rug in there.  So, this post is a bit short since I will be posting some more this weekend.

Finally, I wanted to share this final picture.  It's a progression from month 1-9 of my belly.  It's pretty funny actually.  You can definitely see when the baby really started growing.  Enjoy!

Baby Bump Progression