37 weeks

Well I promised a weekly picture for you all and I am finally delivering!  Here is me at 37 weeks.  Some people think I have 'dropped' but I can't really tell.  If I have, it's still not enough to increase my breathing (still can't climb the stairs without being completely out of breath!)  What do you think? Has the baby dropped?

At my doctor's appointment this week (which I now have to go each and every week!)  I was told the baby is measuring bigger than it 'should' be.  What does that mean exactly?  I'm not one hundred percent sure but from what I can gather, your belly is supposed to measure one centimeter for every week you are pregnant.  I was 37 weeks and was measuring almost 39 weeks.  This DOES NOT necessarily mean the baby is coming early.  There are a lot of explanations for it.  My doctor thinks it's basically because I'm carrying all the weight in front of me and there is no where else for it to go so I measure larger.  She just said that I need to do a sonogram as a precaution.  Another possibility is that the baby is going to be a larger baby and that they might want to induce (which I will refuse!)  If this is the case, I will gladly carry a larger baby and take the risk that I have a C-section.  The last possibility is that their measuring if off and everything is just fine.  Whatever way you look at it, I get to get another sonogram!  I am excited to see how big this little one is as the last time we saw 'it' was 24 weeks.  I'm guessing though that there might not be much to see since it's pretty squished in there.  Whatever happens, I will definitely let you know! Plus, I'm really excited because Adam is going with me this time.  Since his new job, he hasn't been able to go with me to the visits but with this change of events, he decided it was important to be there. :)  I hoping because he is we will get some good news and some good pictures!  We'll all just have to wait until Thursday to see!