Eliel smiling

So we finally caught Eliel smiling on camera.  It's not the best but it's hard to catch him in the act! 

Eliel Smiling

About a week and a half ago, Eliel met his first friend, Marshall.  One of Adam's friends that he went to Judson with had his first son who is 17 days older than Eliel.  His friend Matt is also and architect.  It was fun to see the little boys together!

 It's amazing how two infants so close in age are at such different points of development.  Marshall can hold his head up while sitting on your lap, but Eliel can't.  Eliel can bat at objects in front of his face but Marshall didn't seem to care or want to.  They both however respond to their respective mommy's voices!

We look forward to getting together with them again soon when the boys are a little older.  Perhaps they will join forces with their daddy's at an architecture firm!

Another fun thing we did is put Eliel in one of Adam's outfits from when he was a baby.  The outfit is thirty years old and almost looks brand new! 

You can see Adam wearing the same outfit in the picture when he was just three weeks old.  Although Eliel does look like Adam, he looks a lot more like me when I was a baby.  I'll have to take a picture of that and post it here so you can see.  Eliel is changing so fast right before our eyes though that if I don't do it fast, he will probably start to look like Adam again though.

Finally, Uncle Brian bought Eliel a Superman outfit and it looks so cute on him!  He likes to hold his hands in fists and it looks like he's about to punch you so the outfit suits him perfectly.  I will also try and get a picture of him being his superman self!

And this is final picture if for Aunt Katie because she loves seeing Eliel yawn...

More pictures to come again soon!