Cherry Picking and the 4th of July

A week ago, Adam and I made our annual trip up to Benton Harbor, Michigan to pick cherries.  Last year was not a good cherry season due to the drought but this year was!  We came home with over 12 pounds of cherries. That was last week Saturday (June 29th) and would you believe we only have about 3 pounds left? :) Eliel wasn't too impressed with the cherries but you wouldn't be either if you didn't get to eat them.  Nugget came along too and did his annual antagonize the goats bit.  I really should have brought my video camera for that because he cracks me up as he pounds the dirt trying to get the goats to play with them.  They wanted nothing to do with him but kept thinking that Adam and I were going to feed them.

Three pounds of the cherries we brought home were used to make a cherry pie for the 4th of July celebration at Adam's parents' house.  It was so good it was worth the drive!  We always say we should make two cherry pies, but unfortunately, then we end up eating both... :P  We debated whether or not to bring Eliel to see fireworks this year and in the end, we chose not to.  Although he may have been entertained by the bright lights and pretty colors, it would have been a lot of work just to get him to the fireworks and chances are, he may have even slept right through them.  Next year we'll have a better plan in place since he'll be able to enjoy them more.  He did, however, have fun at Grandma and Grandpa Thoma's house with everyone!

Finally, here's a quick video Adam took a week or so ago of Catherine skyping with Eliel.  He is very intrigued by the tv and the computer and it's not hard to get him to watch something.  So, when Auntie Cat decided to play a game with him, he just couldn't contain his excitement!

Skype Peekaboo

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday!  If you'd like to Skype with Eliel, just let us know.  I'm sure he'd love to Skype with you!