First Dip

Although summer is almost over, we finally took Eliel for his first swim experience at my Aunt Linda's house. We were so grateful that we were able to go there and not a public pool for his first time.  We've been trying to do it for a few weeks  and it finally worked out this weekend.  We know he didn't hate it but we're not sure if he loved it either.  He's such a 'chill' baby that it's sometimes hard to gauge his reaction to things.  Adam and I usually take the 'if he's not crying, he must be okay' point of view.  It wasn't sunny which was good because the little guy couldn't get a sunburn, but it also was a little bit cold as well.  Perhaps there will be one more time we can slip in another swim session this summer! :)

Eliel takes a Dip

My aunt's dog, Quinn also enjoyed watching Eliel swim.  Eliel was a bit confused by Quinn because his doggy, Nugget, looks a lot different (and acts more crazy too)! 

We've also signed Eliel up for swim lessons at the park district this fall.  Okay, so of course it's not really swim 'lessons' but more like getting used to the water lessons.  Adam and I will switch off being in the water with him during class.  It will be lots of fun!