Screaming Bananas

Okay  not really screaming bananas but I figured I had to come up with a catchy title for this post.  Some of the previous ones are getting boring :P

So our little E has decided that he can make his voice go from very low to very, very high.  At first we thought he might be upset while he does it, but alas, he's just having fun!  It's kind of long so don't feel like you have to watch the whole thing.  He typically screams for about 5-10 minutes at a time so I captured only a small portion of it!

Screaming Machine

Bananas, yum!
Eliel also has been doing very well with eating his avocados.  We even got to experience them after they were digested! :P  It wasn't honestly as bad as I thought although it was funny to hear Adam's reaction when he found the digested avocados... :)
Now, Eliel has moved onto bananas today.. At first, he wasn't too keen on them but after a bite or two, he was wanting more, more, more!

Man, am I stuffed!

Finally, we know there are a lot of you who follow Eliel's blog (and some of you we probably don't even know about!)  If you don't like having to come to the site to check and see if we've posted anything new, there is a place on the front page, right hand side, where you can add your email and be notified when I post anything new.  You can of course continue to check here at your leisure but this way, you'll never miss a single silly, crazy or stupid thing this kid does.  Because, being Adam and my kid, you know he's bound to do some wacky things in his life. Don't miss out on a good laugh!