7 months

Eliel turned seven months old last Saturday, and while I have no official stats for you since this was the first month we didn't have to visit the doctor, I can share some stats based on our observations:

We have a cutie! :P
Just kidding.  You all know that already. 

Eliel is definitely developing a personality.  For instance, if you put his pacifier in your mouth, he laughs at you and pulls it out.  He also has this half-smile / smirk thing he does when he knows you want him to laugh.  Once in a while, he will arch his eyebrow at you as well.  He also has figured out that if he cries, he can get what he wants. This lead to a 30 minute crying episode one morning at 4:30am.  It was lovely.  (Sarcasm intended.) 

In the food department, we've tried fish this week as well as hard boiled egg yolks.  He ate both with no problems.  It's kind of gross but I think he likes the egg yolks.   It makes me gag to eat them but it works out well because I like only the whites so we make a great pair!  This week we will be trying apricots as well as chicken with cinnamon sweet potatoes.  Yum!

Adam's sister Catherine was in town for a week and Eliel had lots of fun playing with her.  (Although you wouldn't know it based on the look he's giving the camera at this picture on the right from Adam's soccer game!)

Catherine even went to one of Eliel's swim lessons and took a few pictures for us.  I was in the water with Eliel this time and being the teacher that I am, I was a little over-animated at trying to get him to smile and have some fun.  He wasn't buying it.  He looks like I scared him, which I probably did. :P

Eliel is doing well at swim lessons and continues to try and kick his feet.  It works well if your throw a toy in front of him.  As he tries to grab for it, he inadvertently kicks.  The lifeguard also had me try and 'dunk', yes dunk his head in the water.  She said it was good for him to get used to.  Me, being the silly new parent I am, listened to her.  Why would I stick a seven month old's head in the water and think he'd like it?  I have no idea.  Let's just say I did it once and I'm not doing it again until he knows what's going on.

And now, another episode of "The Many Faces of Eliel"!

I know something you don't know!
You don't say!

Heh.  That's kinda funny...

This is my studly grin.