Block Party!

Although we've lived in our house for over five years, we haven't ever really gotten to know our neighbors very well.  I mean, we know names, we wave hi, say a friendly 'how are you?' but that was the extent of it. Recently, we had some new neighbors move in and they have gotten the block shakin'! :)  They are very sweet and outgoing people and kind of got the idea of a block party going.  I know a few of the moms have talked about it before but nothing ever became of it.  Well, that all changed Saturday.  It was sort-of a last minute thing but turned out fantastic!
The city allowed us to block off our area of the street from 4-10pm and we had a blast.  Plus, with every block party, the local law enforcement and firefighters also stop by to say hi.  The kids thought that was really cool.  ( I guess I should mention that we live on a block with about 10-12 kids.)  So, Eliel got to go in the firetruck for the first time (he was his usual smiley self!).  Eliel especially thought the flashing lights were fun as the firetrucks drove away.
It was funny because many people on the block hadn't even known we had had a baby.  We kind of thought that might happen since my big fat pregnant belly didn't start showing until the winter months when we didn't go outside for walks anymore.  Many neighbors were surprised to find out that Eliel was already 6 months old :P  We had a lot of nice conversations, and met lots of great people.  We're hoping the block party becomes a yearly tradition!

And finally, just a quick video that Grandma Diane took a week or so ago.  Eliel has a fascination with these small cups that are a part of his 'activity seat'.  Adam and I just laugh at the way he waves them in the air!

Eliel and the Cup