'Swim Lessons'

No Mom, I am NOT letting go of this green whale...
Eliel had his second swim lesson yesterday and it went better than the first time. The water is still quite cold and his lips eventually turned blue but this time we got a few smiles out of him! (and Daddy too!)

Although it's technically swim lessons, Adam and I call it lounging in the water class since that's what Eliel seems to love to do.

Adam went in with him this time and they seemed to have a lot of fun together.  Adam was SO good with him; better than I was.  Last time I let Eliel lounge around while Adam actually got him to kick and put his face in the water.  They also sang some songs, played Humpty Dumpty, Motorboat, and other games, and worked on front and back floats (with assistance of course!)  
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall...
Motorboat... Motorboat...Motorboat

Eliel seemed to enjoy himself and is hopefully learning some things.  The hardest thing is to get him to uncross his ankles.  It's very hard to kick your feet like that! I'm Just Sayin'