Eliel had his first swim class on Monday.  He was the youngest by about 2 months.  Most of the kids were between 12 and 18 months.  They were laughing, splashing and having a grand ole' time.  Meanwhile, Eliel, using the kickboard as a raft, decided it was the perfect time to 'chillax'.  Again, we're thrilled he didn't cry (although the water was quite cold and mommy wanted to cry at first) but it was hard to get a smile out of him either.  The only smile I got was when we played 'Humpty Dumpty' and he 'fell' off the wall of the pool.  I got a small smile, a smirk really.  I truly think he thinks the pool is where you go when you want to take a nap.  We really should get him a waterbed.  It would make the whole sleeping-in on the weekends a heck of a lot easier... :)

Wednesday morning, Adam dressed Eliel, ate breakfast and then went to get dressed himself.  As he was giving Eliel a kiss before leaving for work, I noticed that the looked especially alike that morning.  One was wearing Izod while the other was wearing Carter's.  Since we had planned to go and visit Daddy at work later that day, I decided to take my camera with and capture the moment.  I don't know who was happier: Daddy because he was a bit bored that day, or Eliel because there is a fountain in the atrium of the office building.  This picture make me laugh because the palm trees in the atrium of the building make it look like they're in a tropical paradise.  It also reminds me of a Florida hotel, namely Wilson World and the atrium of this office building smells like it too.  A lovely mixture of chlorine and fast food. (Lots of people eat their lunch in the atrium and because Subway is right across the street, it's the main food source of the workers in this building.)  Although we only got to visit Daddy for a half hour or so, it was fun for everyone!

Don't they look like twins?

I'm Just Sayin' :)