8 month stats

8  months old
 Well, Eliel finally hit 17 pounds.... and not an ounce more!    That finally puts him into the fifteen percentile for weight.  He is in the eight percentile for height (which the doctor didn't seem to think is right due to the inaccuracy of the way they measure height in babies) at 26.5 inches.  However, he is the thirtieth percentile for head size (I have NO idea where he would get that from...j/k)

Everything else looks good from the pediatrician.  He is to keep eating and practice drinking out of the sippy cup.  They'd like to have him weaned off of the bottle at no later than twelve months.  So, we might try giving him his nighttime bottle in a sippy cup to help that process along.  He does pretty well with the sippy but he can't hold it by himself.  He gets the concept at least.  Now we just have to work on swallowing when we have  mouthful of water...

In other eight month Eliel news, we are on the brink of crawling!  He does a pretty good job of pulling himself up onto things, namely Mommy, but he also is starting to rock back and forth on his knees and hands.  I give it a week or so and this little guy will be on the move.  Might be a good weekend to start baby-proofing a few rooms.  I already found an electrical outlet that needs a cover; or should I say Eliel found it.  How do babies spot those things from a mile away?  He doesn't even know it's dangerous and yet he is somehow drawn to it by a mystical power or something... sheesh!

Ready or not, here I come!
Eliel is also babbling a lot and Adam and I like to 'interpret' what he is saying.  In my opinion, he says 'I love you' a lot but I may be a bit impartial!  We've also heard him say: hey, yo guys, and 'I like it'.

Eliel continues to be a very good eater.  Still eats everything (expect bell peppers).  Recently, he's eaten pumpkin, cranberries, asparagus, beans, and a small bite of cottage cheese.  I've also started blending our dinner for him to eat.  He was particularly fond of the pineapple chicken but he has also eaten chicken pot pie and chili (mild, not spicy!).  And he enjoyed every bit.  I wonder who he takes after....

Well, off to give Nugget another bath.  The house has recovered but he still smells.... :(