And then there were two...

I smile whenever Daddy looks at me!
Eliel decided that one tooth wasn't enough so he should just go ahead and have two come in.  I'm just glad he only woke up once in the middle of the night for this tooth rather than the three times he woke up the night before.  
This morning as I was examining his mouth, lo and behold, a second tooth is barely visible.  This would be the other lower front tooth.They're still hard to see but you can definitely feel them when he bites down.  He also started doing this weird thing with his tongue last night.  It had Adam and I in stitches!  We assume he was experimenting with the new tooth in his mouth, but it's truly anyone's guess.  It made him look like a snake. :)

And now, as promised, another episode of  'The Many Faces of Eliel'!

So I had the bright idea that I wanted to take some fall pictures of my buddy outside.  We went as a family to a few local parks to try and grab some pictures in the sunlight.  Unfortunately, Mr. Smiley wasn't having it and although I didn't get many pictures of him smiling, I did get a few interesting faces!

What is that?
hmmm.... where did these hands come from?

My 'I'm thinking very hard' look

oooo... i like keys!

What in the world are you talking about?

This is my half-smile