Apple Picking

This weekend we went apple picking in Woodstock with some friends.  It was a lot of fun, although when the sun went in it was a bit chilly.  Good thing little man had his dino jacket to keep him warm... rawr!

There were a total of six kids but they all behaved very well!  It did help that they could basically run around the orchard, but still, I was impressed.  Eliel was the best behaved of course! I  mean, he didn't even run around the orchard once! ;)

What's more amazing it that I was able to capture a picture of all of them looking at the camera at the same time! (I only took about 30 shots trying to get this one....)  And as usually, Eliel is his smiley self!  I think he was getting ready for a nap so there was not much we could do to get him to smile.  The better picture would have been to take a picture of all the adults behind me waving and making faces for all the kids to look at!

This orchard had a type of apple we've never tried before called a Snowsweet apple.  And it was!  Can't wait to make some yummy apple treats with it.  Eliel particularly likes this type of apple too!  I will definitely be pureeing one or two of them for him to eat.  Although, now he thinks he can eat apples whole.   Now that we showed him he can 'eat' apples like this, he always wants to suck on one while we're eating it.  Guess that was actually a silly idea to show him that! Live and learn!  In terms of eating, Eliel has recently tried butternut squash, flax seed, and pineapples.  Plus, we finally found one food he doesn't like, red peppers!  It's the first food we've found that he hasn't taken to.  We're going to try again in a few days to see if he perhaps changed his mind.  According to the pediatrician it can take trying a certain food almost 20 times before a baby decides whether or not he likes a specific food.  So, we will keep at it!  Hopefully he'll be a better eater than me.  I'm Just Sayin'