Cloth Diapering Update

Many of you have asked how the cloth diapering situation is going and to answer in three words: WE LOVE IT!
I LOVE my cloth diapers!
For those of you who haven't read the earlier post about cloth diapering, I'll give you a quick overview.  When we got pregnant, it was my initial idea to cloth diaper the baby.  After researching about all the chemicals that go into the diaper, not to mention the amount of trash created by them, I was sold.  I guess the cost savings didn't hurt either!  After convincing Adam (which was WAY easier than I thought it was going to be) we researched the different types and settled on flat diapers with covers.  And to this day, I could not be more happy with our decision.
  • We have not had any diaper rash
  • We almost never have any leaks and if we do, it's usually do to operator error (Adam and I didn't put the cover on completely!)
  • We still only throw out one bag of garbage a week
  • We don't have smelly diapers sitting in a diaper genie for weeks on end
So far, the only drawback I can find is that due to the fact that the diaper is obviously less absorbent than a disposable, Eliel needs to be changed more often.  In a way, this is a good thing though.  I mean, who wants to sit in a wet diaper?!?  Have you seen the commercials for one of the big diaper companies lately?  It make me laugh when they boast that their diapers can last  twelve hours.  All I can say is, YUCK.
Eliel hates being in a wet diaper and is not to shy to let you know it, either.  Our hope is that he will hate it so much that he will potty train earlier and faster.  Adam is still hoping for potty training at nine months but I keep telling him that it's hard to potty train a kid who can't walk! :)