Eliel's Got a Brand New Bath

So recently Eliel has become much more active in the  bathtub and likes to play around. So, Adam suggested that we get him something bigger rather than the infant tub we had which forced him to basically just lie there.

We found this awesome blow-up tub at Babies-R-Us and it has worked perfectly!  It fits inside our regular bath tub but is much shorter so we don't have to fill up the tub all the way.  Plus, he now has a cushion all around him should he lean back or slip and his toys don't float away from him.  He loves it!

Nugget also enjoys when Eliel takes a bath.  Eliel thinks it's just too funny that Nuggy watches him....I think Nugget likes it because he's NOT in the tub!  I'm Just Sayin'

Eliel's new bath