Just practicing...

The past few days have been filled with lots of practicing.  Eliel has been practicing using his legs as well as using his voice. 

Grandma and Grandpa have a Jumperoo at their house.  Eliel likes being in it although sometimes I think we enjoy watching him in it more than he enjoys playing.  If you've never seen a baby in one, then I won't ruin anything for you.  You just have to watch:

Eliel in the Jumperoo

Perhaps it's not as funny if you're not his Mom but I get a kick out of watching him open his mouth and enjoying the ride! Maybe it will help him start learning to crawl or even walk!

Eliel has also  been practicing his vocal techniques as well as seeing how many octaves he can attain in one breath.  Nugget seems to leave the room when he does it and to be honest, Adam tries to too!

Eliel praticing his voice