Weekend of Firsts

We had a really great, lazy weekend.  Our first 'first' of the weekend was that Daddy carved Eliel's first pumpkin.  Since Eliel has yet to pick any characters, tv shows or superheros he likes (although Adam is sure he is partial to Star Wars), we figured the best thing to do would be to just put his name on a pumpkin.  Eliel loved the idea; he told me himself :)  He was very happy and enjoyed watching Daddy with the big orange thing.

Captain adorable and his pumpkin

The second 'first' of the weekend was.... drum roll please....


It was actually kind of silly the way it happened.  This morning, I asked Adam to watch Eliel while I took a little snooze after feeding him around 6:30am.  When I woke up, I was eating breakfast and Eliel was sitting in his high chair.  He was playing with my hand and went to put it in his mouth as usual.  As he bit down, I felt a nice, jagged tooth!  Upon looking, I saw that it was his lower left front tooth.  We're not sure if he cut it during the night or perhaps late yesterday but since we found it today, we're counting it as coming in on this date.  :)  It's hard to get a peak at yet and next to impossible to get a picture of but I will work on it.  

Coming soon, another episode of 'The Many Faces of Eliel'!