Belated Halloween & Signing

I know a lot of you have been asking what Eliel was for Halloween and I'm sorry this post is late in coming.  Halloween around here was warm (about 60 degrees) but wet.  Very wet.  So, unfortunately, Eliel did not get to go trick-or-treating.  Even so, I couldn't resist dressing him up.  He enjoyed watching the kids run through the raindrops to our porch and was fascinated as I passed out candy.  I think he'll really enjoy it next year and hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer.  Although, I'd rather have it rainy and warm than cold!
The pictures I took didn't come out to well because due to the rainy day, I had to use my flash, which sort of washed out the pictures.  Better than nothing though I guess!  I'm currently plotting our holiday photo session with this little guy and hoping for some great sunny days! 

In other news, Eliel has a big breakthrough on Sunday that made Daddy very happy.  He signed 'more' while eating lunch!  In case I haven't mentioned it  before, we are teaching Eliel to sign.  We are sticking to about five or six signs right now and as soon as he catches on to those, we will add more.  I can definitely say he 'understands' the signs but has only signed back to us once or twice.  Many people say that they can sign back as early as six or seven months but since Eliel has yet to crawl and master the 'pincher' grab to pick up food, it's not too surprising that he has trouble signing back to us.  The dexterity in his hands just isn't there yet.  I'm sure it will all come very soon though.  And once he starts signing, I'm guessing he will do it constantly!  So far, Eliel has signed 'milk' back to us and then this week, he signed 'more' as in more food!  He was in the process of eating a HUGE meal and we were basically going to stop giving him food and he looks right at Daddy and signs 'more'.  When Adam asked him if he wanted more, he smiled and did it again.  It was so sweet!  He hasn't repeated the sign yet but he really hasn't had a chance to yet, either.  I also think you are all due for an Eliel movie this week so I will work on getting that together.  If there is anything you want to see a movie of, just let me know! Eliel is happy to oblige! :)