Entryway Project

Okay so this post is obviously not Eliel related but I had to share our entryway project that Adam finished for me last week. His dad of course helped too!

For those of you who aren't familiar with our house, here's a little back story:

butler pantry
Dry Bar
Our house had two coat closets which were very close to the front door.  Seem silly, right?  So Adam decided to demo one of the closets which was closest to the dining room and make it into a dry bar / butler pantry.  We ordered custom cabinets and a recycled glass counter top.  It looks fantastic and I love using it!  It helps keeps people out of the kitchen during holidays and parties because they can get their drinks whenever they want!

Over the past year, we have come to realize that our other coat closet is not as big as we wanted.  It's fine for the three of us but when company comes over, there is no where to put coats.  I have no problem with putting them on our bed but since the idea of other people's dirty coats on my bed isn't really appealing, I decided I had to come up with a different idea.

So, I decided we needed a coat rack of some sort.  Unfortunately, with the way our front entry is, there really isn't room for anything like that.  Okay fine.  Second choice?  Why not add the hooks on the wall? :)  Which is exactly what we did.  When I told Adam about my idea, he went right to work and drew it up.  When Adam draws up a plan for something, it usually comes out exactly like the drawing so once I saw what it would look like I was very excited knowing it would work!

I could take another paragraph or two telling you how everything came together but I may as well let the pictures do the talking!

Adam's drawing

entryway, foyer hooks