I recently won a House Party for Lego Duplos.  If you haven't heard of House Party before, it's a website where you go and apply to host parties with companies.  They basically offer their products free to you if you agree to host a party and pass out the products.  You can find more about it here if you're interested: House Party

Anyway, I've won a lot of them such as Febreeze, Schick and Philadelphia Cream Cheese, just to name a few.  Just last week, I won a Lego one! (Or should I say that Eliel did!)  Even though Eliel is excited to play with anything, I definitely think Adam was more excited than anyone!  Here is the package we received this week.  Pretty cool!  We've invited a few of our friends to come and play with them and then we will send them each home with a box.  Eliel gets to keep the rest.  In addition to Legos, there are also posters for Disney's new movie 'Planes' as well as crowns, stickers, and a Jake and the Neverland Pirates DVD.  You're supposed to wait until the party to break out the Legos, but for those of you who know Adam, he couldn't wait.  So, last night, Eliel and Daddy had their first Lego exprience together.  It basically consisted of Daddy building something and Eliel destroying it but they had fun nonetheless.  Can't wait for the little guy to get big so that him and Daddy can build stuff together! #Houseparty

There was also this really cute Lego commercial that was circulating around Facebook lately and it reminded me of Adam and Eliel in a few years...   Lego Commercial