10 month stats

10 months old
Eliel was officially ten months old yesterday.  In the last month, he has done so many new things it's truly unbelievable!  He can of course crawl but now he has learned how to use just about anything, including a wall, to stand up.  He has also learned how to walk along the furniture and can even stand on his own for about five to ten seconds.  It's so cute to see him smile at his achievement when he's standing by himself!

Being 10 months old is awesome!
Eliel can also drink for a sippy cup although sometimes he needs a little bit of help if it's too heavy.  He has also progressed into eat table foods instead of pureed foods.  In fact, he's starting to resist when he gets pureed foods.  (Little does he know I have a few more servings stockpiled in the freezer he needs to finish!)  Eliel eats a lot (wonder who he takes after) and is definitely weaning off milk being his major source of caloric intake.  He is loving the holidays because he gets to go to fun new houses and try lots of new foods! (Plus he loves meeting new doggies!) 

Eliel has discovered that because he can move, anything on the floor can become a new toy!  Lately, some of his favorite things to play with are his activity cube, his Snoopy stuffed animal, and books.  He loves crawling around his room and taking the books out of the basket.  Now, we just have to learn how to put them all  back in!  He also enjoys pulling things off of furniture like blankets and pillows.  He still loves his bowl and spoons though and continues to make lovely music each day.  If Santa brings him what he asked for, it will be interesting to see which instrument he chooses, spoon & bowl or ukulele.

I am giddy with anticipation for the next week!  I can't wait to spend Christmas as a family!  I'm sure there will be a few videos in addition to many pictures to share with you.  So, if you haven't signed up for email alerts from our blog, what are you waiting for? :)

Merry Christmas!

Check out my two teeth!