Doesn't everyone use their mouth to climb?

Anyone need a laugh today?

If so, I hope these pictures do it for you because Eliel had me in stitches today.  In the last two weeks, he has not only learned how to crawl but he also learned how to pull up onto things.  If it's within arms reach, he will try and climb it.  One of his favorite things to climb is the ottoman.  Luck for us it's soft so when he falls, he doesn't get hurt on it. 
Although he doesn't have any siblings, Eliel is very reluctant to let go of a toy once he has it in his hand. You can frequently find him crawling around with something in his hand which usually is making the task of crawling that much harder.  So, since one of his hands is usually in use, I guess Eliel decided that his mouth can be used as a third hand.  Usually we catch him using his mouth to climb up on the ottoman but today, I caught him using it to climb up in the play pen.... and the pictures will crack you up.... ENJOY!