You better watch out, you better not cry...

And he didn't!  Eliel went to see the big guy in the red suit for the first time this weekend and did not cry.  I think Daddy was going to be the first one to cry based on the line Mommy made us all wait in. :) Oops!

We went to see Santa at the Friendship Park Conservatory.  Santa was in the gazebo in the greenhouse and it was beautifully decorated. Eliel was of course intrigued by the lights and people.  He didn't mind waiting! 

Ummmm..... who are you?
When we finally got to Santa, we put Eliel on his lap and this was the expression we got:

Typical Eliel look.  He gives this look to a lot of people.  Lots of people always ask if he's mad or do silly things to try and make him smile.  If they make a silly sound or silly face, he just increases his intent look as if to say, 'what they heck are you doing?'  It  makes me laugh.  I wonder if he'll ever grow out of it.

So, Eliel didn't cry, got to see lots of pretty lights and Mommy got to take Eliel to see Santa for the first time. Everyone was happy.  Except maybe Daddy... :)

wait! what's over there? let me see...

Fine. I'll look at you but I'm not smiling!

Eliel & Santa