I've got the power!

Eliel thinks he has the power to turn the tv on and off at his command.  He grabs his remote (which is actually and remote for a DVD player we not longer have) and points it at the tv. I proceed to turn on the tv with the real remote and it makes him giggle.  He will point the remote at the tv all day and wait for it to turn on.  If he doesn't like the channel, then he just aims the remote at the tv and wills the channel to change.  It has Adam in stitches over the weekend! :)
The funny part is, Adam and I don't watch tv that much so it's quite strange that he learned what the remote was for so fast.  He must have learned it from Auntie Katie and Uncle Brian (kidding!!!!)  No one really watches tv in our house because they're watching Eliel instead.  Still, it's quite funny to watch him think he has the power to control the tv.

See for yourself:
Eliel has the power

PS>  I love how both Eliel and Nugget try and do what I ask.  I bet Nugget would change the channel is he had a thumb!