Twins... AGAIN?!?

You'd think we buy these shirts to match on purpose but I assure you it's not like that.  I have had the shirt I'm wearing for probably three years and Eliel has worn his since September.  I never put two and two together until Saturday after I had dressed him.  Even as I was getting dressed myself, I didn't realize that the two shirts were that similar.  Well, as you can see, they are!

In other Eliel news, he is doing a great job of crawling!  He has figured out that he can use his little legs to get himself to just about anywhere he wants to be.  He also found the stairs and enjoys crawling up them.  He hasn't quite figured out the whole down thing yet but at least he knows to turn around and grab on when he wants to go back down.  He also continues to like to hold onto things while he is crawling.  Most times, it's the tv controller but he's also tried to crawl with his ukulele in hand.... no joke. It's quite a sight. Recently, Eliel has also figured out that he can throw things.  He loves to throw his mini stuffed farm animals, wait for Mommy to pick them up, and repeat.   We also think he might be left-handed as he seems favor that hand.  He throws with it, eats with it and carries most important things in it.  Perhaps it just a phase, we'll see. 

Well, I've got lots more to tell you but the little guy has awaken from his nap so I must run. Stay tuned for more soon!