A haircut and a birthday

Before my haircut

Adam and I had been holding off on cutting Eliel's hair until his first birthday.  So, just before he turned one, we gave him a little trim.  He has only been growing this head of hair since about 5 months old.  He lost all that gorgeous dark hair he had we he was born.  He didn't need a lot of it cut, just the long curls over his ears and a little bit in the back. 
Prepping for my haircut
Daddy and I decided to do it together so one could hold him still while the other cut.  Daddy initially wanted Eliel to be protected from getting little hairs down his back so he devised a cover out of a Menard's bag.  Poor little Eliel got very hot very quickly in it though so it was short lived. Made for a cute picture though!  :)

After cutting his hair, Eliel looks so much older!  Our little boy is definitely not a baby anymore.  I think he looks much cuter with his hair trimmed but you be the judge! :)

Eliel's actual birthday was last week Friday, the 21st.  We didn't celebrate too much since we had a larger party on Saturday with all of our family.  There will be a post coming with that soon! :)
Eliel had not eaten cake up until his birthday.  I went to Mariano's and bought him a large Bella cupcake but unfortunately, he wanted nothing to do with it.  He wouldn't even try the frosting.  We tried to show him how to blow out the candle but all he wanted to do was touch it.  Oh well!  First birthdays are for the parents anyway, right?

Eliel's 1st birthday

After our attempt to eat cake, we had Eliel open two presents.  One from Papa and Gram and one all the way from the Boesens in California.  Guess what he liked best?  The styrofoam packing peanuts from the box of course!  He played in this box for almost 45 minutes and probably would have played longer had it not been bedtime.  So, all in all, he had an awesome birthday!

I love packing peanuts!
This stuff is awesome!

Best gift ever! :P

Well, we're on our way to the doctor so I'll be posting again shortly with out latest weigh-in, stats and all things Eliel now that  he has turned one year old.  Stay tuned!