Bad parents?

So I have this philosophy that if an object can't be broken or hurt Eliel, then he can play with it.  I think it allows him to be explore things and learn about the environment around him.  Well, I'm  not sure Adam totally agrees with me because he doesn't like Eliel playing with some of the things I let him play with.  For instance, I let Eliel play with the garbage can in the office.  It only has paper in it and he loves playing and ripping paper.  So, if it's already 'garbage' why not let him rip it some more.  Plus, his other favorite thing to do is still dump things out of buckets, put everything back in, and repeat.

The other day, Eliel was carrying the garbage can around like a garage man.  It was the cutest thing.  So, I decided to take a video of him doing it.

Eliel takes out the trash

The open mouth, the smile, it's too cute!  I love watching him feel so accomplished with things. 

Here's where my bad parenting came in....

Eliel takes out the trash... again

The worst part... we laughed when we watched the video.  Pretty hard too.  The good news is that Eliel is okay, no worse for the wear.  The bad news, I laugh every time I watch it.  Does that make me a bad parent?  I'm not sure.  Do all parents laugh when there kid falls as long as they're not hurt?  Please tell me you do....