Best Friends in the Making

Lately, Eliel is obsessed with Nugget, our dog.  He can't get enough of him.  All he wants to do is play with Nugget.
Nugget tries his best to play with Eliel but the fact of the matter is, it's currently a one sided game.

 The rules are as follows:

  • Eliel picks which toy to play with
  • Eliel holds the toy for Nugget to grab
  • Nugget must let go immediately of the toy once he's grabbed it
  • Nugget must take the toy from Eliel each and every time it is offered

If these rules are not followed, the game is not over.  Oh no.  The game just gets louder because Eliel cries as he tries to shove the toy in poor Nugget's mouth.  Nugget tolerates it for as long as he possibly can, looking to me for help, but in the end, he just gives up and goes to lay in his bed.  Luckily, we've taught Eliel that he is not to bother Nugget when he's in his bed. So this affectively can end the game.... until Nugget gets out of bed.

Eliel also loves to 'walk' Nugget although we have yet to attach the leash to Nugget while Eliel is holding it.  He will walk all over the house just holding onto the leash and trying to attach it to Nugget if he holds still long enough.  Perhaps once it gets warmer out and we can go for walks, we can give Eliel his own leash to hold while Mommy or Daddy walks Nugget.

These two guys will be the best of friends, eventually.