Daddy's Birthday

I'm a little late but last week we celebrated Adam's birthday.  We had planned to take Daddy out for breakfast on his birthday but a little snow storm forced us to postpone that until lunchtime.  Daddy just got breakfast for lunch and Eliel will eat anything so all was good!

Adam's favorite thing for a birthday treat are fruit tarts.  So, Eliel and I went to the bakery to get him one.  Last year, since Eliel was so small he was unable to really participate in birthdays.  But this year, now that he has the whole present thing down, Eliel thinks that everyone's birthday is for him.  That meant that he should eat Adam's fruit tart too, not Adam.  Eliel loves fruit so much that the minute he saw it, he wanted it.... right there in the bakery.  He started crying when the girl put the last two in a box for me. I thought she might give him a tiny one to sample but sadly, no.

 When Daddy got home from work we surprised him with his treat after dinner.  After Daddy blew out the candle, it was time for chowing down.  I think Eliel ate just about as much of the fruit tart as Adam did.  Good thing I had gotten two!