Easter has come and gone, but not without lots of fun!

We started off our weekend with painting Easter eggs.  Eliel had 'painted' with us last year while sleeping in the carrier, so this was his first chance to actually decorate an egg.  Luckily, our egg decorating kit included a wax crayon so Eliel was able to use that to decorate his eggs.  He did two.  The first one he dyed red and the second one blue.  Mommy wrote his name on the red one since it was hard to see the crayon marks but he did much better on the second egg.  I think it's about time I got him some crayons to start coloring with!

Eliel loves playing with the plastic eggs so it was no surprise that he would like playing with real eggs too.  The only problem was that he kept trying to 'open' the real eggs.  It was funny to watch but we did end up with at least one broken egg.  Eliel still likes to eat egg whites so it was easy enough to 'get rid of' anyway.
We had a nice batch of very colorful eggs when we were all through!
Eliel's Eggs
Since Eliel now takes one big afternoon nap, we did Easter dinner instead of brunch.  Since the weather was absolutely gorgeous, it was nice to spend some time outside.  Eliel had fun playing with a bubble mower that the Easter Bunny left at Papa & Gram's house, although I think he had more fun popping the bubbles rather than blowing them.  He also loved taking the frisbee away from Uncle Brian, Daddy and Papa.  All in all, it was a wonderful day spent with family!


Just cutting the grass for Papa

Playing Frisbee with the boys
Stealing the Frisbee from the boys...