Long overdue updates

Sorry it's been so long since my last posting but we've been having too much fun!  Eliel has recently decided that he no longer will take two naps during the day, just one long one.  Instead of napping for 1.5 twice a day, he takes a three hour nap right smack in the middle of the day.  This has effectively diminished any lunch plans we used to have as he likes to go down around 11:30 or 12. Slowly but surely I've been trying to push the nap time a little later and the last two days he's made it until 12:30 before falling asleep.  I'm hoping to get it later so that we can enjoy all the fun summer concerts in our town that start at 11:30.  We didn't get to go to any last year but I'm hoping to attend all of them this summer!  Eliel's new nap schedule has allowed us to do more things in the morning like going to the library, shopping and visiting friends.

Eliel also went on vacation with us to visit some friends in Indianapolis who had a baby at the end of January.  My friend Nikki went with us and was kind enough to drive us all down there in her SUV so we could take one car.  This was happening just as the above mentioned nap times were changing. We had planned to leave at 2pm so I figured I'd let little man take a short (45min) morning nap and then he would fall asleep on the car ride down there... WRONG.  He was up for all three hours of the ride and didn't go to bed until 8pm that night.  Considering the lack of sleep, he was very well behaved.  The rest of the trip went well although very fast since we were only there until early Sunday morning.  Eliel did very well with all the changes and it made Adam and I excited for some road trips this summer and fall!

Wavin' to my peeps!
This past week and weekend was LOTS of fun for Eliel because the warmer weather allowed him to play outside.  All he wanted to do was get his 'outside shoes' on and walk around in the grass.  He's going to have blast this summer (once it FINALLY gets warm!)
Adam and I also took the opportunity to clean out our screen porch.  It took a beating with the rough winter and the ice dam leaks and was in need of some cleaning up.  Now, it's all spruced up and ready to be used again.  I'm planning on putting all 'messy' art projects out there such as painting, and play dough.  Just need to find a small kiddie table for out there....

Oooo a pinwheel!
After cleaning up the porch, we put Rosalia (our bearded dragon) out there to bask in the warm sunlight.  She's unfortunately back in the house but hopefully not for long.  Eliel had never actually 'met' Rosie before.  She's been hibernating since the fall and before that, he didn't pay any attention to her.  After we put her in the tank he was excited but nervous at the same time.  I was able to capture some of his reaction on my phone for you all to see!
How does Nugget go through there?

After watching Nugget run in and out of the doggie door all weekend, it was only a matter of time before Eliel got curious about it.  He didn't actually go through it but it's really just a matter of time before he figures out how to do so.  Good thing the door comes with a locking cover to the doggy door!

Eliel meets Rosalia

Well that's all for now.  I've been slacking on my picture taking but I promise to do better! :)  Lots of fun things coming up so I will be sure to post more often!