Dancing Eliel

While cleaning out her house before moving, Auntie Katie found an old cell phone with it's charger and gave it to Eliel.  He loves playing around with it and we found an old song Katie had downloaded onto it.  Eliel must love the song because when it comes on, he can't help but dance!  Just watch him shake it! :)  (You can also see the temper this little man has as well!)

We went to the zoo again today and went to visit Stingray Bay where you can pet the stingrays.  Eliel was all about the water at first but was a little leery when he realized there was something in the water!  He did eventually touch a few stingrays but quickly pulled his hand back each time! We had lots of fun and were able to come back home before it got too hot.  Looking forward to doing it again soon!