Medieval Times Mother's Day Promotion

What's one place that I live close to but forget about visiting?  Medieval Times!  We used to go there a lot but I guess since Eliel was born, we kind of forget that we can go out together, Adam and I, especially since we have people banging down our door to babysit (no sarcasm there!).  Eliel is a bit too young but I'm sure he'll be old enough to enjoy it soon.

If you've never been there, you have to go.... at least once.  And what better way to experience it then with mom!  Medieval Times has a fantastic promotion this weekend.   Mom's ticket is FREE when you buy one full-priced adult ticket using the code MOMWeb through May 11th. You all know how much I love free things! (hint hint!)

To get tickets for this weekend, use the link below:
MOM IS FREE tickets

Don't forget the code: MOMWeb