Memorial Day Weekend & Eating

Although the weekend went by very fast, we had a great extended weekend as a family!  We got some yard work done with the help of our brother in law, Brian, and we finally finished putting the kitchen ceiling back together after our lovely bout with the ice dam melting this spring.
We got to visit Grandma and Grandpa Thoma and Eliel got to sit in Grandpa's VW bug.  He hasn't even sat in Daddy's yet!  Based on the pictures, it looks like he understands how to use the gearshift and the horn already!  Must be because he watches Mommy drive all the time! :)

On Monday, we went to the Memorial Day parade.  Eliel decided to sleep in a bit so we were a little bit late in getting there so we missed the CPD helicopter that apparently flew down the street!  How cool would that have been? We missed the firetrucks too but we did get to see other trucks and a band or two.  I'm sure Eliel is going to LOVE the 4th of July parade!
After the parade, Eliel wanted to feed Rosalia.  He brings me her worms at least twice a day and wants to watch her eat.  I think he likes to see the worms die... See for yourself:

Eliel is also getting used to being dirty when he eats.  For the longest time, he didn't like anything on his hands but I guess he's getting over that!  This morning he was quite happy to have Nutella all over his face and at lunch, he changed it up with a little bit of peanut butter.... I know this still isn't too bad as I've seen kids that need a bath after they eat every time.  I hope we never have to do that!

Oh!  And he's also learning to smile for the camera! 

What a ham!