Mother's Day and warm weather

Before I go any further today, it has come to my attention that those of you who receive this as an email are not necessarily going to the website to read the blog.  Rather, you are reading it in your email.  While that's convenient, make sure you check out the actual blog sometimes!  The pictures look WAY better online and everything is generally formatted correctly. The whole things just looks better..... Okay enough with that.  Onto my normal general blogging! :)

Pretty tulips!
So this past weekend was Mother's Day.  Not my first but special all the same.  I look forward to the days when Eliel brings me his homemade card but for this year, I reveled in the fact that I am a mother to this amazing little human being.  I think he has taught me more than I've taught him.  I could get all emotional and tell you how he has made me realize that life is too short to not spend it with the people you love, but I won't.  I will tell you about our wonderful weekend thanks in part to the gorgeous weather.  I think one of the highlights of my weekend was when Adam came home Thursday after work (okay not really the weekend but it's close) and said, "I love that you don't work!"  This was as we ate had a barbequed dinner outside on our deck just minutes after he came home from work.  I think it was the best thing I had heard in a long time.  It definitely started the weekend out right!
Friday was my birthday and I'm always amazed at the outpouring of people that call to wish me well.  I feel so loved! Adam took me out for dinner and then we went out for frozen yogurt because it was FINALLY WARM ENOUGH!

Oops!  Missed a spot....
Saturday, we spent all day outside.  Got a lot of yardwork done and I got all of my annuals planted so it was a productive day.  Eliel absolutely LOVES being outside so it was a good day for him.  I swear he will stay outside as long as he possible can.  Typically he cries when I bring him inside.  The only thing he will leave outside for is..... yep you guessed it... the BATH! :) He also loves his lawnmower.  He has cut many neighbors' grass and of course ours is cut daily. ;)  We spent a majority of Saturday morning cutting the grass.
You need the front walk mowed too, right?
Eliel also loves to play with pinwheels.  I have a large one that stays in the ground and every chance he gets, he walks over to it and blows.  He also has a smaller one that he holds while we go for walks sometimes.  He's very good at blowing it!

Finally, on Mother's Day, we went to Adam's parents house and my parents came too.  Again, we are so lucky that both of our families get along so well.  I think it just goes to show how wonderful they all are! We had a wonderful afternoon and were able to  get outside before the storms came.  The weather isn't looking too good for this week as it's supposed to be cold and rainy but here's hoping next weekend turns out just as great!