A new instrument and a surprise!

Sorry for a lack of posts the past week.  We were quite busy!  Eliel and I attended 'pool day' at the school I used to work at and we also went to see the fifth grader graduation.  The kids graduating were those that I had last year when I went on maternity leave.  It seems so long ago!  We also had fun at a picnic in the park sponsored by the park district on the last day of school for kids in the district we live in.  Like I said, busy week!

Eliel LOVES to take his lawn mower all over our block.  We have mowed miles and miles of sidewalk in the past few weeks.  This past weekend, he got to mow the grass while Daddy was doing it too.  He was a little bit scared of the real lawn mower when it came too close to him (a good thing!) but was fine as long as Daddy stayed on the other side of the lawn.  It was too cute to see them both together.

Since it has been rainy and chilly out the last few days, we have been stuck inside the house after dinner unable to go for walks or play outside.  So yesterday, while Daddy was playing his ukulele after dinner, Eliel received his own xylophone to play along with.  He's played with it once or twice before be he was too young to get it so we had put it away for awhile.  Well, as you can see from the following video, he gets it now! (And what's more surprising is that he is using his right hand to play!  Generally, everything he does it with his left hand.)

Adam's parents left this week for a 1-2 month long road trip out west.  Before leaving, they brought what was left of their food which included some ripe fruit.  One of them was a lemon.  Eliel had never seen a lemon whole before and was intrigued with the 'ball'.  So, I let him hold it, touch it, and to my surprise, he decided to taste it.  Boy was he in for a surprise when he bit into it!  I was able to take a picture of him biting the lemon but just missed the adorable pucker face he gave me as his eyes lit up with a surprised 'what was that?' look.  It was too funny.  Needless to say, he handed it right back to me and went back to playing. :)
Before tasting
After tasting