First Ride

Let's Go!
Today, Eliel got his first ride in Daddy's VW beetle!  He has been eying the car for weeks and every time we'd go in the garage, he'd get all excited about the bug.  So today, we buckled the car seat into the bug and gave him a ride.  He has never sat in the front seat of any car so it was a double treat! (Due to the minimal back seat in the bug, we had to put in the front seat!)

Here's a quick video of the boys leaving today:

High five Daddy!
Adam took him around our neighborhood and not out on any busy streets.  Each time he passed the house, I could see Eliel craning his neck to see out the front window.  Too cute!  When they came back in the driveway, Eliel held up his hands to get up but the minute he was out, he wanted to get back in for more. :)

Ready to Ride!

So much fun!