Fun in the pool and a a new musical instrument

Well, since the weather finally cooperated, we were able to put out a pool for Eliel to play with.  With the warm weather, I've been dying to do it all week but it's been too stormy.  Eliel LOVES water as you can tell from his love of the bath. So, it's only logically that he would like the pool of course!  As funny as the pool looks, it's wonderful!  The canopy not only keeps the sun off of Eliel but it also keeps a lot of the bugs and leaves that might fall into the pool out as well. 

I got Eliel a few toys which are technically sand toys but work just as well as water toys.  He played with them awhile and then reverted back to an old favorite... cups.  Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to buy toys!
 He has a blast with the water wheel and was a little confused as to why the tennis ball would not to down like the water did.  He was very determined to try and make it fit and in the end, he got mad and threw it out of the pool.

Other than his little frustrated throwing, he had a great time!

We've also found another musical instrument Eliel can play.... the harmonica.  He's really good at it!  Check it out!

I know it looks like he's not really paying it but I assure you he is!  This kid is a musical genius I tell you!  (j/k)  He definitely does like music and it will be fun to watch what type of instrument he does end up wanting to play.   I know Daddy wants him to be a drummer but since Daddy, Grandpa and Papa all play the guitar, I'm guessing he's going to go in that direction.  Maybe a bass player? :)  We went to an outdoor concert Friday night and the minute we sat down, Eliel began bouncing to the music.  I know he was great entertainment for the people around us!  Believe it or not, he stayed with us on the blanket and listened to music for over an hour!  (We did have some snacks at one point which kept him occupied though...)  It was so great we plan on doing it again very soon!

Stay tuned for a 16 month update!!